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Below you can find links to most of my published work. I’m always looking for new opportunities, so if you’re interested in having me write for you, just email me: My expertise is in education, pop culture, faith and the intersection of any of those three.



Why Do Teachers Quit?

Great Teachers Don’t Always Want to Become Principals 

Kids Who Spend All Day At School

What It’s Like to Be the First Person in Your Family to Go to College

The Myth of a Teacher’s ‘Summer Vacation’

First-Generation College-Goers: Unprepared and Behind



It’s Not About TFA, It’s about the Work and the People

Does Teacher Professional Development Really Have to be So Bad?

Three Things For This Back to School Season

Cut the Budget and you Cut Opportunities for Teachers and Communities

Three Millenials Have a Conversation about This American Life’s Desegregation Episode

Third Year’s a Charm…

Technology…but Not For All

She Didn’t Know It But ‘Teaching was the Path’

LEADing a Pivotal Moment

How Tennessee is Leading on Teacher Evaluation

Let’s Learn from Charter Schools, Not Bash Them

Meaningful Accountability Needs Both Classroom Observations and Test Scores

Leading out of the Classroom without Leaving it

Kids Need to be Ready for more than College

Common Core Teaches Skills to know for Years, not days

School Choice Counts for Teachers, too


I’m With The Band: Three Women Making Inroads in Indie Rock

Chatting it up with: Good Old War 

Chatting it up with: The Lumineers

Chatting it up with: Blind Pilot

Bristol or Bust

Desert Noises Heat Up

Houndmouth Ride The Wave

Catching Up With The Weeks


The Lumineers


Fitz and the Tantrums

Why Can’t The Facebook Generation Just Break Up? 

Generation “We’ll See”

Miley Cyrus And Pop Music’s Double Standard

The New Reality For Teachers

When The Secular Is Sacred

The Rom-Com Confusion 

Digital Reminiscence

The Truth about True Blood

Indie-Folk Bands

The 8 Most Surprising Grammy Moments

5 Reasons New Girl Could Be The New Friends

Practice Makes Patience

Eight Things Christians Don’t Want To Say

The Hidden Sexism

6 Life Lessons From The O.C.

The Non-Football Lover’s Guide To Surviving Football Season

What’s Changed Since Columbine?

Reality TV Has Failed

The Science of Chasing Your Dream

When Going Home For The Holidays Hurts

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 2.21.19 PM.png

The Unfair Choice Between Treating My Anxiety and My Sex Drive

Three Ways The O.C. Changed Television



Common Ground for Christians and Common Core

Not That Kind of Nice Girl

A Prayer for the Anxiety-Ridden Christian


The Five Strangest Disappearing Acts In Boy Meets World 

Five Key Moves To Winning Legends Of The Hidden Temple

The Seven Best *NSYNC Songs (That Weren’t Singles)

What I Wish The Forbes 30 Under 30 Read Like (A Sampling) 

Six Classist Characters On The OC, Ranked By How Classist They Are

Five Reasons I’m Not Going To Tell You About My New Boyfriend (Yet)

Five Reasons I’ve Probably Been Dumped

Five Texts I Will Over-Analyze



Rooting For Affairs: The Blurry Lines of Pop Culture Romance


One Day:InspireSTL



Jackalope Brewing