part two

by lizriggs


alex-bertha-169780.jpgwe made breakfast sandwiches


so you could meet your mom.

we drank rosé from coffee cups, walking along the river.

wondering how we ended up here.


we sent messages – 

There were so many.

where we were and where we were going and where we would be.

we met in Chicago.

and Texas.

the coast of washington.

detroit and culver city.

denver and dive bars.

the corners of tennessee and the main drag of the mission.

french quarter tourist traps,

museums in memphis and

doubletree hotels we wish we’d never known.


breweries and bridal showers

we said we should lose our virginity now-

we lost it later.


we saw each other at bonfires and said, I miss you.

can you believe it?

we got pregnant

we got IUDs.

we booked flights to cities we never expected to see.

we ate poutine

and chicken fingers

and protein bars

and pre natal vitamins.

we bought wine we couldn’t afford

and poured champagne we could.

we got our hearts broken

In dark and different ways than

how they crumbled when we were 22.


we didn’t always show up – we couldn’t.

we packed suitcases and bowls and we tried to see everyone we could.

we bought churches

and houses

and built bands and careers.

we made drinks and friends

and wrote songs and stories and broke phones and friendships

we tried to string together our new lives

a web across the states

spanning time zones and new worlds and different women and wives and husbands and heartache and daughters and doorways and we kept stretching the pants and the time and the string

to fit.