11 Ways to Hint to Your Boyfriend That You’d Like to Get Engaged

by lizriggs

Engagement Rings

Sometimes, boys/men/manboys just don’t get the hint, amirite? So, I’ve put together a few of my tried (not really) and true (sure) ways to get your man thinking wedding bells.

1. Bookmark all your favorite rings on his computer

This is probably the most subtle, because you don’t have to say anything to your sexy boo. All you need to do is get your super sleuth on, and after he closes his eyes for a restful night of sleep, you can hop on your favorite jewelry site (or the place where you’ve custom designed a ring) and bookmark all the sites. Next time he logs on to get on some lame gaming site he has saved, he’ll see all the rings and, most likely, instantly purchase and propose!

2. Purchase a fake replica of the ring you want, and mail it to him with no return address

This option isn’t ideal because it costs you money, but, if you really want him to get the picture, it will probably be worth it. This does have the potential to go awry if your man doesn’t realize the ring is a fake and proposes with it anyways. Then you’ve just bought your own engagement ring.

3. Next time he gets down to tie his shoe, immediately say “Yes!”

Ideally, you’ll start crying after this interaction and telling him how much you love him. He may be confused, but if you’ve got the ring replica in your pocket at this point, you can just slip it on yourself.

4. Tell him you never ever ever want to get married

Some men might be relieved and take this as a sign that they are in the clear of the ultimate commitment. But if this goes well, your one and only could sense you are slipping away from his kung fu grip and want to tie you down forever.

5. Buy him a ring that looks curiously like a wedding band

Tell him it’s a gift from your mother so he doesn’t get too suspicious. Then slip it on his ring finger in the night. He’ll wake up confused, but he should get the point.

6. Leave a collage of your favorite white dresses on his office desk

This is especially useful if you don’t typically wear dresses, because it will be obvious that you want a wedding dress. Be sure not to include any written word with this collage, because you don’t want it to be too transparent. Also, make sure none of the photos are from Modern Bride.

7. Sign up for an account at TheKnot.com or register a website with your names

Registering your own domain name can get pricey, but, so can the thought of being alone forever, right?

8. DVR the episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse and Rebecca get married

And then burn him a CD of the song Uncle Jesse sings for Rebecca. (It’s called “Forever” and it’s probably an original Stamos tune.)

9. Call his mom and tell her the two of you have set a date

I know, this one is definitely crossing some lines. But, what a great way to establish that relationship with your future mother in law you’ve always been wanting. Plus, when she calls to congratulate him and start making plans, he’ll have no other choice but to propose.

10. Suggest an impromptu trip to Vegas

Make sure you have enough mini bottles to get a horse drunk so that if and when you suggest this idea or find yourselves in a wedding chapel, he is confused and excited by the prospect. Caution: Do not get as drunk as Ross and Rachel do in the Vegas episode of Friends, because, well, obviously.

11. Talk to him

Explaining that you’re very interested in the idea of being linked to him permanently sometimes works too. Who knows. Crazier things have happened!