Why Aren’t We All Talking About This Lulu App?

by lizriggs

“LuLu—new app allows women to search + review men”  / SML.20130207.SC.Mobi.iOS.Android.Apps.LuLu.Opinions

If you haven’t heard of Lulu, it’s probably because you aren’t in college. Or maybe it’s because you haven’t rated guys on a scale of one to ten since you were in middle school.  Either way, this app is so horribly awesome and wonderfully bad that I thought it would have raised even more eyebrows than it already has at this point.

Being an ancient twenty six year old, I was introduced to Lulu the other day when my male roommate sat me down and asked me to download it so that he could see his rating.  For the sake of his future romantic endeavors I’ll leave his name out of this.  He was interested because his friend had hundreds views and a rating of 9.5, and he wanted to see where he stacked up against the so-called competition. I’ll leave his friend’s name out of this as well.

In case you couldn’t already tell, Lulu is a new(ish) self-proclaimed dating app that only allows women to log in so that they can rate men they know (or perhaps men they don’t know.) At first, this sounds just about as ridiculous as it actually is.  You login — which Lulu only allows you to do as a female, which they are able to somehow authorize via your Facebook — and BAM. The screen is filled with dude faces.  Click on one you know! Has he been rated? If you’re over the age of 18, probably not!  Then you get asked a serious of inane questions, starting, presumably, with how you know him.

Friends? Dated? Hooked Up? I forget what the other options are, but they’re not important. What’s important is that you then get to pick hashtags to describe the guy’s personality, looks, positive and negative qualities, and sometimes sexual prowess. Some of the hashtags include:





THEN, BOOM! Without ever picking any numbers in this little rating game, Lulu’s uncrackable algorithm spits out a number on a scale of 1-10.  When I sat down to rate my roommate (who I think is a nice, respectable, good looking dude), it shot out a 9.4.

NEXT, I stumbled upon my best friend’s ex, who had a rating of…well, I don’t want to get too specific here, so let’s just divide that last number by two and subtract some. Shit was not looking good, to say the least.

So, is there a problem here? Is this app totally heinous like a digitalized middle school notebook that encourages women to, as some have said, “rate men like restaurants?” And, if so, is there really a problem with that?

Sure, rating men based on looks alone is sort of an asshole thing to do. Okay, not sort of. It is an asshole thing to do. It’s true. BUT, this app doesn’t really have you rate them on looks alone. AND, you don’t actually give them a number, instead, you mostly give them hashtags and finish sentences about them.

For example:

“His Jokes Make Me….”

•Want to Smooch him

•Want him to tell another

•Fall Asleep


See, that’s not so bad?

I do get it; it’s sort of like a public burn book Mean Girls style, and we would all be flipping our shit if guys had this app to rate women (although I imagine it either already exists, is going to exist, and is probably entirely more sexist).  But, I’ve decided to only use Lulu for good. I don’t need my best friend’s ex to have a rating any lower than it already is. It looks like other ladies agree and the rest will find out for themselves that he kind of sucks.

But, my roommate is kind of awesome; shouldn’t people know that when they’re scrolling through this totally asinine app that’s somehow passing as socially acceptable?!

All in all, WHATEVER. Use it for good, use it for bad, Lulu’s out there, folks.

And unless people start hacking into it creating hashtags about devastating penis sizes or private emotional disorders, it’s probably here to stay. So, why not make it relatively harmless and use Lulu for good?